His Supplication during the Prayer for giving Thanks (salāt al-Shukr)

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His Supplication during the Prayer for giving Thanks (salāt al-Shukr)

Post  Ali Mortada on Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:58 am

Sulaymān b. Ja‘far has narrated: “We visited Imām al-Ridā, peace be on him, while he was performing the prayer for giving thanks (salāt al-Shukr). He lengthened his prostration in prayer. Then he raised his head and we asked him about his long prostration. He told us that he prayed with the following supplication. He urged us to (supplicate) with it. Then he ordered us to write it, and we wrote it.” The supplication is as follows:

“O Allah, curse those who altered Your religion, changed Your favor, accused Your Messenger (may Allah bless him and his Household), opposed Your religion, turned away from Your way, were ungrateful for Your boons, returned Your words to You, disdained Your Messenger, killed the (grand) son of Your Prophet, distorted Your Book, denied Your signs, sat in the assembly which was not appropriate for them, and which the people carried on the shoulders of the Household of Mohammed!

“O Allah, curse them with curses following each other, gather them and their followers blue-eyed in the Hell-fire!

“O Allah, we seek nearness to You through cursing them and renouncing them in this world and the next!

“O Allah, curse those who killed the Commander of the faithful and al-Husayn b. ‘Ali and Fātima, daughter of Allah’s Messenger, may Allah bless him and his Household.

“O Allah, increase them in chastisement to chastisement, humiliation to humiliation, abasement to abasement, and disgrace to disgrace!

“O Allah, drive them away to the Fire with violence and return them to Your painful chastisement with a return!

“O Allah, gather them and their followers in the Hell-fire in group! O Allah, divide their gathering; scatter their affair; make their words disagree with each other; disperse their unity; curse their Imāms; kill their leaders, their masters, and their eldest ones; curse their heads; break their banars; spread terror among them; and leave not any dweller of them!

“O Allah, curse Abū Jahl and al-Walid with curses following one another! O Allah curse them with a curse through which curse every angel brought nigh, every prophet sent out, and every believer whose heart You examine for faith! O Allah curse them with a curse from which the inhabitants of the Fire seek refuge, and which does not come into anyone’s mind! O Allah, curse them in Your hidden secret and Your manifest openness, chastise them with a chastisement in the ordination, and let their partners be their followers and their lovers! Verily You hear supplication!”


Source : Muhajj al-Da'awāt, p.320.

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