The Struggle To Establish Salat In Jamat is Naturally Difficult”

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The Struggle To Establish Salat In Jamat is Naturally Difficult”

Post  Syed KamiL Abbas Jafri on Tue Apr 13, 2010 10:29 am

The Struggle To Establish Salat In Jamat is Naturally Difficult”

The prophethood and the subsequent Divinely Guided Leadership are illuminating forces who clearly reveal what Satan and his ilk wish to keep hidden (in a state of kufar). Satan’s entire strategy is based on creating and maintaining darkness (ignorance) to cover the trickery that he uses to support his grotesquely convoluted evil illusions.

His aim has always been to make guilt appear to be innocence, falsehood appear to be truth, wrong appear to be right, foul appear to be fair, filth appear to be pure, slavery appear to be freedom, despotic arbitrariness appear to be democracy, what’s worthless appear to be valuable, benefit appear to be detriment, weakness appear to be power, waste appear to be affluence, evil appear to be healthy, lust appear to be love, perversion appear to be natural, etc., and vice versa.

The Satanic Strategy is based on distraction, temptation, seduction, corruption, confusion, and a highly polished, well established rebellion against Reason, Rightness, And Rectitude (Ihsan - knowing that God Is Seeing You even when you are not perceiving Him. Thus by being constantly aware of Allah’s ever presence habitually choosing the good option, and striving to be eager to choose the best option).

Satan is hell bent on moving the whole of modern humanity to disbelieve that God Has Always Guided the people through His Prophets and recognizable Divinely Guided Leaders. This is one of the main reasons why Satan concentrated on downgrading the importance of establishing Congregational prayers amongst those who claim to be the followers of The Infallible Imams, though it is the cornerstone of Prophet Muhammad’s Mission. God Forgive Us And Revolutionize Our Sphere of Consciousness, Conscience, and Behavior.

It is of the utmost of importance to reestablish the super powered state of communal prayerfulness bequeathed to us by Our Nabi and Our Maula, and glorified by our contemporary leadership. (Oh Allah Bless Muhammad’s Soul And Rain Down Peace On His Household).

This major spiritual battle must be fought and won
generation after generation.

Re-prioritizing the importance of reestablishing daily Communal Salat is one of the most important beach heads in the collective consciousness of AlMumineen. It Must be recaptured, fortified and secured. Only then will The Satanic Seductions to Weakness be rudely placed on the defensive. Only then can our forces be marshaled to march forward to conquer and secure the interior and the high ground of consciousness, conscience and behavior. ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

Establishing Regular Salat In Jamat Does Not Signal The Defeat Of Satan And His Evil Forces… not by a long shot. But the defense against evil becomes easier when we take the offensive. Once the prototype jamat is established, our job still continues with various degrees of difficulty. When one task becomes easy it still is necessary to struggle (94:7).6

Satan does not give up easily. Satan will put on a cloak of false piety without hesitation, and infiltrate your ranks. Before you know it, if you are not very vigilant, the people who are drinking alcohol, fornicating, missing prayers, lying, and prioritizing career, will lead you, and yours… pompously pontificating wrong as right, in the most self serving, menacingly obnoxious, rude, and condescending manner imaginable.

If The Prayer Raisers are not careful, they will be led to think that what ever they do not know is not important to know. They will be led to look at themselves as superior to those those “evil” people who are still possessed by negligence and de-prioritize the duty of calling folks to faith, and discipline.

If dedicated Prayer Raisers are not careful they will let themselves be led to replace the great and powerful virtue of compassionate humility with the vicious weakness of “religious,” holier than thou arrogance. They will foolishly speak in matters of religion thinking that they know what they are talking about. “He who knows not and thinks that he knows is a fool. Shun him.”

Yet, they’ll strive after positions which they are not qualified to possess. This will most definitely be the goal of The Satan once AlMuqeemoonas Salat (The Prayer Raisers) succeeds in establishing a strong congregation based on daily Salat in Jamat.

The Prayer Establisher must continue to struggle with himself no matter how clear his God Consciousness becomes. Each one of us must fight against HIS Or HER Own Evil Nature no matter how much Islamic Knowledge he or she gains... no matter how much service he or she renders.
It is Our Islamic Community’s duty to individually and collectively guard against The Spirits of Satanic Weaknesses and their agents clothed in garbs of good and wraps of righteousness. We must realize that the Satan doubles his efforts when he sees his strategy failing. When he sees his strategy failing he concludes, “if you can’t beat em join em.”

However we must not be like those people who fear success and it’s consequences. The establishment of The Super Powered State Of Communal Prayerfulness is SUPER IMPORTANT. It requires a sincere and dedicated team EFFORT. Every committed, Faithful Muslim (Mumin) must fully extend him or herself for his or her own sake, and for the sake of his or her fellow devotees. The individual and the team must strive very hard to feel The Pleasure Of Allah, by continually rising for daily congregational prayers, Salatul Fajr being the most important and the most difficult to establish in congregation. But surely ease comes by facing hardships with a winning spirit.

It’s really easy for Most Faithful Muslims to get up every morning at the sun’s early light, wash up hygienically, and ritually do five minutes worth of prayers, then crash back into the Lazy Land Of Snooze, or take their mark at the starting line with the rest of the “rat racers.”

It’s another thing, however, to get up 45 minutes to an hour before the sun’s early light... say and mean, “AlHamdul-Llilahi” immediately upon regaining consciousness, wash up, make wuthu, then do five minutes of Salat at home to greet the dqy, then make your way through the earth IN THE DARK to the rendezvous point with your God and your brothers and sisters to establish the communal bowing and prostrating before The Merciful Lord of Th Dawn in prayer EVERY GOD BLESSED DAY IN RAIN, SHINE, SLEET, OR SNOW.
It requires genuine, intense faith, love and above and beyond all… humility to change one’s place of residence, sleep habits, job or school schedule while over coming the natural human desire to remain cozy, comfortable, and unconscious early in the morning. It requires genuine, intense faith, love and humility to even want to change. You must REALLY BELIEVE that Allah hears prayers, listens to those who praise him, and always honors His promise to reward those who defy comfort and ease in order to prayerfully stand, bow and prostrate with your Faithful Muslim Siblings, and your recognized prayer leader.


Without faith and a strong desire to please Allah, change for the better is very difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE. And on top of all that you must maintain a profound sense of HUMILITY AND GRATITUDE before God, and His servants, and not only your siblings in faith, but your siblings in humanity in order enlist God’s aid through salat, especially congregational salat, by calling other to this most best devotional service.

A prideful, arrogant soul can never consistently establish regular morning prayer in congregation. Many an arrogant person claims to believe in Prophet. But arrogant souls will never submit their will to what their hard hearts perceive as the will of another human who is just like them. These poor, misguided souls have the same flaw as The Damned Devil. Thus, the local, contemporary grassroots organizers who are the God Sent forerunners in establishing the salat will not be heeded or followed until the band wagon is rolling down hill. Those who jump aboard then may have submitted but most likely still lack the humility induced faith to heed the good advice of the contemporary leadership.

The arrogant folks who claim the title of Faithful Muslim (Mumin) may not openly violently oppose the local Islamic Workers, but they won’t heed them nor will they help them, save for a little. They simply will not alter their life pattern even if it is proven that their fate’s dominoes are falling away from Divine Favor in a most inauspicious direction. Thus they will still chill and not flex their will to make all the excuses nil and be consistent…. taking salat like a two times a day life saving miracle pill.
So God won’t change their condition since they are unwilling to even change their attitudes and admit their arrogance to themselves. They refuse to repent and sincerely revolutionize their own conscience, consciousness, and behavior. They cold heartedly refuse to turn away from the abominable vice of arrogant cultural egocentric intoxication.

Arrogance is not an easy attitude for, highly educated, successful, middle aged, well educated men and women to jettison. Nor is arrogance easy to eject from the consciousness of racist, ethnocentric, nationalists whose priority ego based rather than God based.

The arrogant female and male egos are vain and oft times easily flattered and bought with a group thought about their “superiority,” or certificate certifying their superiority, a trophy, a trinket or a bauble, and especially…. CASH.

Folks who are “successful” with advanced degrees, great jobs or businesses, or (and) political power and privilege tend to look down on those men who have “wasted their lives” chasing after “theories” instead of practical symbols of status. “Successful” women and women married to “successful” men fall under the same spell.

Any excuse will keep most of these folks in a state of denial. They’ll insist that, “I am not arrogant. I just don’t believe that establishing Salat in congregation is a top priority goal. They take the attitude of believing that, “Even though I know Salat is Prophet Muhammad and His Chaste Household’s favorite thing... the first branch of the religion... and salat in congregation is so powerful that it is the only real weapon we have against the influence of secular individualism… the best way to establish the core of any jamat… the thing that earns more blessings than any of us deserve to have... even though they know this is best... they’ll boldly say, “This is not what I choose as my priority in this post modern technologically advanced, fiscally driven time and place.” This is what they say. And this is what they mean.

Subconsciously or consciously they’ll recoil at the idea of being led by the preacher, scholar, sayyid, or shaykh they “hired.” Until they repent, and make a real revolution of consciousness, conscience, and behavior, they will not see that The Merciful Provider has only made them a steward of the wealth they claim is theirs. And that it is their duty to use God’s Wealth to help support the Islamic Cause. They will continue to look upon the God Send as a hireling. They’ll conclude that as long as they make Salat, it doesn’t really matter if they make it in congregation or not. “After all, IT’S NOT WAJIB.”

Eventually they will fall or have already fallen into the same inauspicious mindset as the ancient children of Israel. And we know that their false pride cost them the loss of Allah’s Favor, and eventually netted them a curse that plagues the one’s who still refuse to follow prophetic direction till this very day.

By Shaykh Ali Abu-Talib Son Of AbdunNur

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