Dialogue with a Child in the Womb

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Dialogue with a Child in the Womb

Post  Syed KamiL Abbas Jafri on Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:43 pm

Darling mine

When you were but a dream

A far hope that throbbed in my heart

I talked to you this date last year

About a Mother whose sacred name

I wish to be the first word you speak


About Her there is so much to tell

My voice muted, and life so short

Yet, from within somewhere there wells

A desire to say, to speak of Her, to recount

The Grace our Allah bestowed Her with

So that even as you’re in the womb

You will hear, learn, and never forget


Center of a Household never before

Or thereafter by mankind seen

Her Exalted Father, the First and Finest

Of all of Allah’s creations

Her Husband, Abu al Aaimmah and the only gateway

To our Lord Mohammad’s knowledge and wisdom

Her two Sons themselves Imams peerless

But for Each to the Other

She Herself named the Best

Among all the women created ever

By Allah Himself


Of Her, on these, such joyous days

That life in its fold may hold

Together we shall think and count

Our blessings in being Her slaves

And thank Allah for the honour supreme

Of calling Her our own


Syed KamiL Abbas Jafri

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