An oath By Moqtada Sadr for Shi'a وثیقہ،العھد والبيع

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An oath By Moqtada Sadr for Shi'a وثیقہ،العھد والبيع

Post  Syed KamiL Abbas Jafri on Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:34 am

An oath by Moqtada Sadr for Shi'a to sign for their hidden "mehdi"

- To rid the lands of Shi'a from invaders, whoever they are (i.e. Westerners or the Muslim Sunni natives who's ancestors were on those lands before the 12ers even created their religion).

- The Mumineen (i.e. Shi'a) will be there brothers (in arms) from around the world, and especially in Iraq. (i.e. Shi'i unity)

- Enemies of Muhammad (saw) will be their enemies (or so they say) and the enemies of the people they consider Ahlul bayt: Whether they are invaders, occupiers, Kufaar OR NAWASIB (Nawasib are an old dead sect who hated Hazrat 'Ali (ra) - when Shi'a use this word now, they mean Sunnis), and all other sects. And they will not negotiate with these people because it delays the coming of their Mehdi (just like the Shi'a of old were angry when 'Ali (ra) negotiated and so they fought 'Ali (ra) and became Khawwarijj - same train of thought).

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