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Check the leaves of orchid plant to know if it is healthy

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Check the leaves of orchid plant to know if it is healthy Empty Check the leaves of orchid plant to know if it is healthy

Post  Winchester on Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:09 pm

When you evaluate an orchid plant there are a lot of things that you could look for such as the roots and leaves. As far as the roots are concerned, they are light green in color and dark green when wet. And when it comes to leaves there is a wide variety among various orchids such as thin pencil like leaves and fleshy leaves and also there are varieties which have no leaves at all. But it is usually considered by experts that orchid plants with thick, lightly colored and hard leaves are healthy and you should select such plants. A slightly yellow green colored leaves that almost resemble green apple is to be the color of the leaves that you choose. What you should understand when you find leaves that are too glossy green is that the plant has likely been overfed and it will not bloom as well. Also, you should check if the leaves are free from bugs, obvious blemishes and mushy spots. Also, you should make sure that the growing point of the plant is not destroyed.

Having healthy plants in your garden will surely be a benefit for you and therefore you should consider it very important that leaves, roots and such parts of the plant are to be checked thoroughly and decided whether it is a healthy one to choose for your garden. If you get a pest and building inspection before you begin the job, it will be highly beneficial for you that you will be able to avoid mistakes and unwanted expenses that you may meet during the project.


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