The Blessed Soil Of Imam Hussain (as)'s Grave Is Haraam And Of Nasibi Ibn e Taymiyah's Is Halaal !!?

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The Blessed Soil Of Imam Hussain (as)'s Grave Is Haraam And Of Nasibi Ibn e Taymiyah's Is Halaal !!?

Post  Syed KamiL Abbas Jafri on Fri Mar 19, 2010 5:00 pm

Salaam Alaykum:-

For As Long As Wahhabism And Naasibis Crack Our Heads With Their Words About Blessed Soil (khaak e shifa) On The Graves Of The Ahl ul Bayt (as),Although
Evidences Cited By The Public,Investigators And Shiite Scholars On This Subject ..But.. We Find Them Always Disbelieveing.

But What About The Blessed Grave Of Nasibi Ibn e Taymiyah,Is It Halal And Heals !!!

Dust Of The Tomb Of Ibn Taymiyah, Exhilarates The Eye To Treat Conjunctivitis ?!

From the book: الرد الوافر على من زعم بان من سمى ابن تيمة شيخ الاسلام كافر

Which Is A Son Of Nasir al-Din Of Damascus (d. 842 AH).

Zuhair Has Been Given A Collection Of The Top Contemporary Salafism And
Which Qualities Of The Books, Ibn Taymiyah المناقب في ابن تيمية

Here's The Story:-

نص القصة :

التي رواها ابن حجي عن البطائحي المزي قال :
كنت شابا وكانت لي بنت حصل لها رمد
وكان لنا اعتقاد في ابن تيمية
وكان صاحب والدي
وياتي الينا ويزور والدي
فقلت في نفسي :
لآخذن من تراب قبر ابن تيمية فلأكحلها به ـ
فانه طال رمدها ولم يفد فيها الكحل
فجئت الى القبر ، فوجدت بغدادياً قد جمع من التراب صررا
فقلت : ما تصنع بهذا ؟؟؟
قال : اخذته لوجع الرمد أكحل به ـ أولاداً لي
فقلت : وهل ينفع ذلك ؟؟؟
فقال : نعم !!!!
وذكر انه جربه
فازددت يقينا فيما كنت قصدته فأخذت منه، فكحلتها وهي نائمة فبرأت ...

صورة النقل وهي من ( ص/135) من كتاب

I Translate:-

The Story Said By Ibn 7aji On Batai'hi AL-Mizzi:

When I Was A Young Man I Had A Girl That Have A Conjunctivitis In Her Eye,
I Think In Ibn Taymiya And He Was A Friend Of My Father
And He Came To Us For Visiting My Father Before,
I Said To My Self I Have To Take Sand From His Tomb To Put In Her Eye.
I Was Going To Ibn Taymiya's Tomb And I Found A Baghdadi Man Taking Alot Of Sand From The Tomb.
I Said To Him What You Made From This Sand,
He Told Me That He Have Children And They Have A Conjunctivies In their Eyes.
I Said If It's DOing Well,
He Said To Me That He Used It Before,
After That I Take For My Girl And Put It On Her Eye When She Was Sleeping And She Becomes Well.

Page 135 , Book Generous Response To Who Said That Ibn Taymiya Was Kafaer (dis believer).

Here's The Scan:-

Ya Wahaabi/Nasibi The Soil Of The Grave Of Ibn e Taymiyah Is Halal And Ok For Healing????

But Your Nasb,Don't Let You To Believe In The Miracles Of The Blessed Soil Of The Grave Of Imam Hussain as !!

Syed KamiL Abbas Jafri

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