Ayesha Was Nasibyyah (female who hates ahl ul bayt (as)

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Ayesha Was Nasibyyah (female who hates ahl ul bayt (as)

Post  Syed KamiL Abbas Jafri on Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:05 am

Salaam Aalaykum Here's The Fatwa From The Board Of Istifta Of Ayatollah Sistani (rah) Regarding Ayesha !

And Yes They Are Completely Right Even Imam Ali (as) Said About Ayesha In Nahj ol Balagha !


About the malice borne by `A'ishah; and warning the people of Basrah about what was to occur

Whoever can at this time keep himself clinging to Allah should do so. If you follow me I shall certainly carry you, if Allah so wills, on the path of Paradise, even though it may be full of severe hardship and of bitter taste.

As regards a certain woman (He (as) means ayesha), she is in the grip of womanly views, and malice is boiling in her bosom like the furnace of the blacksmith. If she were called upon to deal with others as she is dealing with me she would not have done it. (As for me), even hereafter she will be allowed her original respect, while the reckoning (of her misdeeds) is an obligation on Allah.

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