Imam (as) is more compassionate and tender than our father

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Imam (as) is more compassionate and tender than our father

Post  Syed KamiL Abbas Jafri on Tue May 04, 2010 9:48 am

Not only are our Imams (as) aware of all our deeds and actions, but they are also affected by our pains and sufferings. The following incident underlines this fact and shows us how much our Imams (as) value and cherishes their Shias.

A person by the name of Rumailah narrates: 'In the days of Hazrat Ali (as) I was severely ill. On Friday I recovered a bit. I thought to myself - how nice would it be if I have my bath today and recite namaz behind Ali (a.s). Hence I got up and after taking a bath, went to the mosque. While Ali (as) was delivering the Friday sermon, my condition again deteriorated. After namaz Ali (as) went to a place by the name of 'Qasr', I too accompanied him. He (as) said to me,

'O Rumailah! Why are you restless?'

I narrated to him (as) about my illness and explained to him my condition. Then Imam (as) said,

'O Rumailah! When a believer becomes ill then we too are affected by his illness. If someone becomes sorrowful and distressed then we too become sorrowful. If someone prays then we say 'Aameen' for his supplication. And when he becomes silent (i.e. he stops praying) then we pray for him.'

Rumailah asked Imam (as)

"My master! Are you referring about those believers who are staying in this place of 'Qasr'? What about those who stay in the different corners of the earth?'

Imam (as) replied,

'O Rumailah! There is no believer - in the east or in the west - who is hidden from us'. (Basaaer al-Darajaat; part 16, tradition 1)

Through this incident it becomes evident that our Imams (as) hold their Shias dearer than a father holds his son. Thus when Imams (as) love us so much, then the least that we can do is perform such actions that are a cause of happiness for them and refrain from those deeds which anger and upset them.

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