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Among those is the report about him which the reporters of history (naqalat al-athar) recount about him with al-Mansur. Al-Mansur ordered Rabi to bring Abu Abd Allah Ja'far, peace be on him, to him. He brought him. When al-Mansar saw him, he said: "May God kill me, if I don't kill you. You are attempting to harm my authority and you are seeking treachery against me."

"By God, I am not," retorted Abu Abd Allah (Jafar), peace be on him, "Nor do I want to. If you have been told so, then it is by a liar. However, even if I had done so, then Joseph was treated badly and he forgave, Job suffered tribulation and he was patient, and Solomon received gifts and he gave thanks. These men were prophets and your lineage goes back to them."

"Indeed," replied al-Mansur, "Come up here." He went up and then (al-Mansar) continued: "So-and-so has informed me about what you have been saying."

"Bring him, Commander of the faithful," he replied,."so that he may confront me with that."

He had the man whom he had mentioned brought and asked him:

"Did you (really) hear what you reported about Jaefar, peace be on him?"

"Yes," he replied.

"Make him swear to that," said Abu Abd Allah (Jafar), peace be on him.

"Do you swear to that?" demanded al-Mansur.

"I do," he replied.

"Say: May I be outside God's power and strength and may I seek refuge in my own power and strength (if I lie that) Jafars peace be on him, did such and such and said such and such," said Abu Abd Allah (Jafar), peace be on him.

(The man) paused for a moment and then made the oath. It was only a moment later that his leg was struck.

"Drag him by his leg and take him out, may God curse him," ordered Abu Jafar (al-Mansur).

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