Dua from Imam Jaffar-as-Sadiq (as)

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Dua from Imam Jaffar-as-Sadiq (as)

Post  Syed KamiL Abbas Jafri on Fri Apr 16, 2010 8:15 pm

Al-Rabi reported: When Jafar b. Muhammad, peace be on them, went in to see al-Mansur, I saw his lips moving. As he moved them, al- Mansur's anger (gradually) became quietened, so that when he approached him, he was pleased with him. When Abu Abd Allah (Jafar) peace be on him, came out from Abu Jafar (al-Mansur) I followed him and said to him: "This man was the angriest of men towards you. When you went in, you were moving your lips as you went in and when you moved them his anger quietened. With what (words) were you moving them?"

"The prayer of my (great) grandfather, al-Husayn b. Ali peace be on them," he replied.

"May I be your ransom," I said, "what is this prayer?"

He told him:

O my Provision in time of hardship, O my Help in the face of disaster, guard me with Your Eye Which never sleeps, surround me with Your impenetrable fortress.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

يا عدّتي عند شدّتي ويا غوثي عند كربتي احرسني بعينك التي لا تنام، واكنفني بركنك الذي لا يرام

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